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Decoration Setup

We'll Setup Your DecoNetwork Decoration Processes For You

You’re busy taking care of customers & employees and may find all the Deconetwork settings overwhelming. We’ll help you setup your price tables for all your decoration methods and set your preferred color pallets, like Pantone or custom colors. We can either do the work for you or help on a consultative basis.

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Price Tables

Setting up your decoration price tables is the first step. It is critical to get this right. Your pricing is based on a combination of product price plus decorating charges. Your decoration price tables will determine final pricing based on quantity breaks, number of colors, stitches, etc. Tables are provided for screen-printing, digital printing, embroidery, sublimation, transfers or rhinestones.

In most cases, decorating prices need only be setup once and will apply to all products. However, additional tables can be created to be used on select products or a group of products assigned to a unique product default.

Color Pallets

Often overlooked, the color pallets are an important setting. Don’t reply on the default pallets. Set colors to match your real life ink or thread colors. Custom pallets can be created for your standard ink set, favorite thread supplier or Pantone. Now your customers, sales team & production team will all be on the same page.

Other Settings

DecoNetwork has a bunch of other settings as well, including Production Settings, Designer Settings, Smart Select Rules, Availability, and Artwork Fees. We’ll help you with these too.

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